The Deerfield River Fishing Report for 12/8/2020: Happy Holidays everyone! Looking for the perfect gift for the holidays? How about a gift certificate for a day on the water with yours truly? Gift certificates are available on my website at just click on the icon for gift certificates on my homepage-it’s that easy. I can have them in the mail in a jiffy heading your way in plenty of time to beat Santa. Ok, switching gears… let’s talk fishing. The Deerfield has been tough with unusually high water conditions over the last two weeks, when it finally comes down ,( and it will) I expect the fishing to be excellent. The browns are done spawning and they’re ready to eat streamers- that being said there are plenty of eggs in the drift every day so rainbows will be always looking for an egg sandwich to snack on-keep that in mind. Insects become limited in the winter save for midges, stoneflies, caddis worms, cased caddis. This should influence your fly selection if you want to be successful, this is true for all western MA trout waters except the Swift- the Swift will be mostly tiny midges, sow bugs, and tiny mayflies. I will be guiding throughout the winter and some of the best fishing of the year comes in solitude with snow lining the banks- give me a shout if you want red hot, double digit action this winter. Happy Holidays!