The Deerfield River Fishing Report for 6/7/2020: We are Covid free and catching trout out here on the Deerfield River and Swift River. Fly fishing in June is nothing short of amazing with epic dry fly action practically very evening and morning. There are still March Browns around and it’s worth running one through to see if you get a violent response from the trout. Sulphurs and some Cahills are around, the Sulphurs spinners have been coming down right before dark- I typically carry two rods with one rigged specifically for that moment instead of frantically trying to thread one on in the approaching darkness, with the sound of trout slurping in the background as you curse biting insects and failing eyes- yup having that second one rigged can keep the ole blood pressure down. The Deerfield is a caddis river so always be prepared- June is the month for some epic caddis hatches. A wise man once said never go to a caddis fight with a mayfly pattern- I cant even begin to tell you how many times the caddis have shown up and dominated over the mayflies. Have them in tan and olive (x caddis) from 14 through 18 and some Henryville Specials in 14-16 as well as tan and olive/green pupa too in the same sizes. That should get you in the game if it happens… and it will. The hot days have been slow midday but mornings and evenings have been epic and I’m structuring trips to try to take advantage of the amazing dry fly action. Give me a shout and I’ll fit you in. Please practice safe distancing and wear a Buff face covering or mask, bring your own food and beverages, and please STAY HOME if you or anyone in your family is ill or you think you may have had contact with someone who is ill. If we follow these protocols we’ll have a fun,safe, and healthy fishing season! Outdoor recreation is good for your health, physical and mental!!