Deerfield River Fly Fishing Report: What can I say? The Deerfield River is fishing lights out right now and the dry fly action is superb. There are big stones around and fish are on the lookout for a big meal- savage surface eats are bringing smiles to everyones faces on my floats-especially me! There are Isonychias building in numbers and multiple species of caddis hatching right before dark and summer Sulphurs (16) just to add complexity to your decision making. Caddis are the dominant bug at twilight-be sure to have sizes 14,16, and 18. Typically I rig two rods for the hatch-one with an olive 14 and one with a tan 18 and start the switching process by virtue of the trout activity-if you get an enthusiastic response you know you made a good decision- if not start switching!! Pre-hatch is a good time to drift some pupa too. I have some openings starting next weekend so give me a shout if you want to experience some insane action- we are Covid free and catching trout!