The Deerfield River Fishing Report for 2/2/2020: The Deerfield has been running higher than normal due to the warm temperatures, making wade fishing a bit tricky. The drift boat fishing has been excellent with double digit catch rates on streamers and indicators with a mix of holdover and wild rainbows and browns. Fishing close to the bottom is a must, weighted streamers and tungsten bead nymphs tied heavy are in order- if you’re not close to the bottom you won’t be catching. Fishing a 200-250 grain sinking line is a must and six weights do a much better job of delivering a brace of heavy nymphs than say a four or five weight. Stoneflies, San Juans, midges, clown eggs, and


They grow big out here!

                  Monster Deerfield Wild Brown!                      Walts Worms have been getting a warm reception from the trout. I have openings for those who want to float and shake off seasonal depression with a pile of nice trout. If you’re shore bound all is not lost, you just need to cover more water to find holding areas close to shore. When the water is high trout tend to move to the banks and to structure to get out of the heavy flows and conserve energy- fish the shallows, particularly slow moving seams adjacent to fast water where you can find them. Be sure to fish before you wade out too-I cant tell you how many times I’ve watched anglers march right out to waist deep water trying to reach the middle, spooking countless trout in the process. Remember.. fish the water from the bank close to the bank, then wade- you may be pleasantly surprised!